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ASTM D7869

Assured Testing Services is capable of providing testing IAW ASTM D7869. ASTM D7869 is the Standard Practice for Xenon Arc Exposure Testing with Enhanced Light and Water Exposure for Transportation Coatings.

ASTM D7869 is different from ASTM G155 by using various irradiance levels that vary between .40 and .80 W/(m2*nm) at 340 nm. Water is sprayed on the specimens during portions of the several dark steps.

The testing conditions of cycling between being wet/dry and warm/cool simulate physical and chemical stresses from environments such as southern Florida.

After exposure to ASTM D7869, Assured Testing can analyze samples for gloss change (ASTM D523) and/or color change (ASTM D2244).

Assured Testing Services xenon chambers have most standard cycles programmed into them to minimize chances of operator error.

You can download the latest ASTM D7869 specification from the link below:

ASTM D7869 Standard


Assured Testing Services has multiple chambers available for UV exposure and Xenon testing to ensure quick turnaround.

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