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Assured Testing Services regularly performs viability and design testing for various industrial and residential products. 

Many of these applications require a conversation with our Technical Service department to help specify the corrosion exposure environment which best matches your product's typical operating conditions.


Our engineers will help to craft a testing protocol which best represents the extremes of your product's typical use to inform you of potential design or production weaknesses for improvement. 

Examples of recent product testing projects include:

  • Residential gas grill corrosion resistance

  • Aircraft seatbelt strength and stress

  • Springs for strength wear after compression

  • Patio furniture corrosion resistance

  • Nail polish remover product testing

  • Plastic pallets for shipping label durability

  • Outdoor seating for sporting events durability

  • Smart home (IoT) smoke and CO alarms for electronic detection of gases

Component and finished products are all susceptible to corrosion or malfunction in the field. Assured's testing services can help to identify design or production weaknesses in advance of a product launch.


Contact our Technical Service department for assistance in specifying your testing requirements for your next project.

Some examples of historical projects include:

  • Developed and executed custom test protocol for dust ingress and humidity exposure for electronic variable-speed AC industrial motor drives while energized and under load

  • Developed apparatus to abrade anti-skid coating on aircraft carrier decks for the US Navy

  • Developed synthetic carburetor/fuel throttle body deposits to evaluate relative performance efficiency of carburetor cleaner products

  • Performed comparative corrosion testing of magnesium chloride de-icing products versus sodium chloride and calcium chloride de-icing compounds

  • Developed test method to evaluate performance of long-term rust preventive products

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