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Assured Testing Services has the capability to perform some of our testing services outside of the laboratory environment, depending on the nature of the testing required.


The technicians and engineers of the laboratory have traveled extensively to perform testing on areas of concern for corrosion, adhesion, and other related evaluations. 

All projects related to on-site testing are evaluated individually for capability, requirement, and staffing. Please reach out to our Technical Service department for more information on how Assured Testing might serve your on-site testing requirements. 

Some recent examples of on-site testing provided include:

  • Adhesion performance testing on the gold leaf of a New England state capitol building dome

  • Major US metropolitan subway terminal building paint coating finish adhesion

  • Testing of the adhesion of coatings applied for various large exterior electronic devices

  • Evaluation of internal facility corrosion as a result of window installation malfunction

Contact Assured's Technical Service department for assistance in outlining an appropriate procedure for your on-site testing.

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