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Metallurgical Testing

Assured Testing Services is capable of servicing your needs for the following types of metallurgical tests: 

  • Microhardness: ​​​Knoop, Vickers, and Rockwell methods available for plating hardness and case depth

  • Microscopic Thickness Examination to determine coating layer thickness

  • Grain Size

  • Tensile Strength

  • Yield Strength

  • Elongation

  • Modulus

  • Elevated Temperature Tensile Strength

  • Stress Rupture & Creep

  • Izod & Charpy Impact

  • Proof Load

  • Compression

  • Other Advanced Properties

ASTM B487 Testing

Contact Assured's Technical Service department for more information on the advanced metallurgical testing capabilities available.

Assured regularly performs metallurgical testing in accordance with the following standards:

  • ASTM B578

  • ASTM E384

  • ISO 4545

  • ASTM B487

  • ASTM E92

  • ASTSM E10

  • ASTM D2240

  • SAE J243

  • ASTM E1077

  • ASTM E3

  • ASTM E8

  • ASTM E18

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