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UltraViolet (UV), UV-C (UVGI), Xenon Arc,

& Accelerated Weathering Testing

Assured Testing Services offers many accelerated weathering UV and Xenon Arc tests that simulate the effect of sunlight and condensation on paint, coated metals, plastic, fabrics, pressure-sensitive labels, and other substrates. 


These tests are typically comprised of alternating cycles of UV or Xenon exposure and moisture (condensation).  They are typically combined with gloss (ASTM D523) and/or color (ASTM D2244) readings before and after exposure to determine quantifiable changes due to exposure. 


The laboratory also has the capability to expose samples to various fluorescent lighting elements in conjunction with more advanced UV and Xenon Arc irradiance exposure. 


We can provide UV-C and UV-C Far exposure to simulate disinfecting applications to determine the effect on various substrates.

The following is a list of the more common light exposure standards: 

Assured Testing Services has multiple chambers available for UV exposure and Xenon testing to ensure quick turnaround

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