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Thermal Shock, Heat, & Subzero Exposure

Assured Testing Services maintains several units of widely ranged extreme temperature equipment, including high-threshold ovens and subzero freezers.

Testing for thermal shock is common for samples which will need to prevail against sudden changes in temperature. Assured regularly exposes samples to cyclic thermal shock simulation, encompassing a frozen environment exposure, followed by immediate exposure to salt fog or humidity, completed with an oven bake at an elevated temperature.  

These tests may be performed individually or in conjunction with other exposure tests to simulate real-world or extreme conditions for your testing samples.

Contact Assured Testing Services for more information or to help design a testing protocol which is best for your samples. Our Sales or Technical Service departments will be pleased to assist you with outlining an appropriate testing plan for your current or upcoming project. 

Assured Testing Services has several extreme temperature freezers and ovens,

both large and small, available for

thermal exposure testing.

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