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Forensic Analysis

Assured Testing Services has Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) capabilities which allow an in depth analysis of the substrate and coating surfaces for fissures, cleaving points, and microstructure breakdowns.

The Assured Testing laboratory technicians are equipped to discuss your unique project and can provide detailed hypotheses of possible causes of failure in your product or coating. Contact our Technical Service team for more information.

Some examples of forensic analysis projects completed include: 

  • Analyzed a transformer enclosure finish which had failed due to an insufficient top-coat opacity to protect the base-coat from UV degradation

  • Helped a plater of custom aircraft interior trim determine most effective coating system

  • Provided analysis of paint failure of gas flow meter housings, allowing the customer to modify its process and improve paint durability

  • Assisted a CNC machining center for corrosion prevention for oceanic shipping requirements

  • Helped a manufacturer of commercial products determine most effective formula for "do it yourself " rust removal product

  • Provided analysis and comparative testing to an importer of  medical monitoring mounting equipment to confirm that an imported product was not properly pretreated, creating corrosion during shipping and storage

  • Both SEM/EDS capabilities are available to provide forensic analysis services for your current or upcoming project

Contact Assured's Technical Service department for assistance with SEM analysis for your next project

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