Assured Testing Services has extensive experience providing customized testing for a variety of project applications.


The lab's engineering staff works directly with clients to develop a test protocol designed for their unique situation. This process is ideal for customer projects without a reference specification or previously defined testing procedures.


New product development or prototypes are often evaluated using a customer-defined procedure and apparatus. We welcome the opportunity to work alongside you to develop a testing protocol for your product or application. 

Examples of Custom Testing & Design work recently performed in the Assured laboratory are outlined below.

Product and Process Validation

  • Developed a thermal shock coolant circulation test for heat exchangers simulating rapid changes in temperature

  • Modified an exposure chamber to provide testing of solar panel mounts to agricultural ammonia fumes

  • Tested supply chain barcode labels for plastic pallets after washing cycles

  • Helped manufacturer of commercial products determine most effective formula for "do it yourself " rust removal product

  • Helped a metal finisher for custom aircraft interior trim determine most effective coating system

Assured's laboratory engineers often build a dedicated testing apparatus for custom-designed testing projects, as required.


Contact Assured's Technical Service department for assistance in specifying your testing requirements for your next project.

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Forensic Finish and Corrosion Analysis

  • Provided analysis of paint failure of gas flow meter housings, allowing customer to modify process and improve paint durability

  • Provided analysis and comparitive testing to importer of  medical monitoring mounting equipment to confirm that an imported product was not pretreated properly which allowed corrosion during shipping/storage

  • Forensic analysis using SEM/EDS capabilities for complex substrates