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Steel that breaks apart after tensile testing. Tensile testing is a fundamental materials

Tensile Testing:

Assured Testing Services has the ability to perform tensile testing. Tensile testing is a simple measurement widely used for determining the force required to elongate a sample to a breaking point. Properties measured are ultimate tensile strength, tensile yield strength and elongation at break.


The information can be useful to designers and quality managers to characterize properties in the development of new materials and to verify the quality of established materials. 


The standards below are commonly used in tensile testing.

ASTM Standards:

  • ASTM B913

  • ASTM D76

  • ASTM B557

  • ASTM E8

  • ASTM D1876

  • ASTM D3822

  • ASTM D412

  • ASTM D638

  • ASTM D828

  • ASTM D790

ISO Standards:

  • ISO 37

  • ISO 527

  • ISO 1924

  • ISO 13934


Plastic dog bone specimen being tested for break strength per ASTM D638

Assured Testing has the ability to perform weather, corrosion and thermal exposures before and after tensile testing to show how external factors can affect your product.

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