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ISO 4892-2

Assured Testing Services is capable of many accelerated weathering xenon arc tests including ISO 4892-2 that simulates the effect of sunlight and condensation on paint, coated metals, plastic, fabrics, and other substrates.

ISO 4892-2 is similar to ASTM G155 due to the various cycles and methods. Not one cycle is the same. They vary in exposure irradiance, black standard temperature, chamber temperature, and relative humidity. Assured Testing Service is accredited to run ISO 4892-2 and has multiple xenon chambers available to test IAW ISO 4892-2.

Assured Testing Services can also provide gloss (ASTM D523) and/or color (ASTM D2244) readings before and after exposure to ISO 4892-2.

You can download the latest ISO 4892-2 standard from the link provided below

ISO 4892-2


Assured Testing Services has multiple chambers available for UV exposure and Xenon testing to ensure quick turnaround.

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