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Ford TM: 00.00-L-467 Cyclic Corrosion

Assured Testing Services is capable of performing cyclic corrosion test Ford TM 00.00-L-467.

This unique cyclic exposure test is comprised of alternating cycles of electrolyte (salt) exposure, a drying phase, and a humidity exposure phase.


Assured Testing Services has several cyclic corrosion chambers capable of running Ford TM 00.00-L-467, the largest of which with interior dimensions of 7' x 4'. 

How does Ford TM 00.00-L-467 differ from Ford CETP 00.00-L-467?

The equipment must be operated in such a way as to produce an individual average gauge loss of 150-250 μm on a minimum of three “ACT CRS 03x04x032 Alkaline clean, tape per diagram, P: B958P90I E: Aqua EC 4027 Part Number 61934” panels after six weeks of testing. Gauge loss should be determined by FLTM CA 005-01 or FLTM CA 006-01.  Ford Central Laboratory can assist with the measurement of these gauge loss verification panels if necessary.


Ford Corrosion Engineering may request climate profiles, salt solution downfall data, and gauge loss verification data. The submitted climate profile should come from the independent monitoring device positioned among the test objects in their actual average plane of exposure, and not from the chamber software.

The maximum allowed short-term fluctuation in temperature overlaid on the actual mean value is +/- 1.0 °C; the maximum allowed short-term relative humidity fluctuation is +/- 3% RH. Short-term fluctuations are defined as the mean value of data occurring over a 5-minute interval during the constant climate phase.

Ford-L467- Testing Chamber

Assured Testing Services has multiple chambers, both large and small, available for

Ford TM L-467 cyclic exposure testing.


All Assured cyclic chambers are PLC controlled, allowing 24/7 automated exposure and providing uniform, repeatable results in each test cycle. 

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