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Assured Testing Services works closely with part manufacturers across the spectrum of industries served. The laboratory routinely perform testing for component, tier, and OEM manufacturers looking for design verification or production verification status or prototypes for various applications of next generation products.

Common test procedures for this segment include: 

Some noteworthy examples include: 

  • Automotive: Control arms, suspension frames, brake rotors and calipers, heating/cooling units, fasteners, fuel stay units, gas tanks, etc.

  • Marine: Cast parts for exterior handles, aircraft carrier decking, corrosion-resistant interior cabin seating

  • Healthcare: Athletic neck braces, IntraVenous (IV) bags and labels

  • Architecture/Construction: Window frames, screen doors

If you're interested in our testing to help support your current project, please reach out to our sales team on the Contact page. Our engineering and sales support staff will be pleased to put together a relevant testing protocol to meet your requirements. 

Assured Testing Services regularly works with component and OEM and tier parts manufacturers. 

Contact our sales department for assistance in specifying your testing requirements for your next project.

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