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GMW 14872 Cyclic Corrosion Exposure Testing

Assured Testing Services is capable of performing cyclic corrosion testing in accordance with GMW 14872, as reflected on its ISO 17025 scope.


This test is comprised of alternating cycles of electrolyte (salt) exposure, a drydown phase, and a humidity exposure phase.


GMW 14872 is widely recognized in the automotive industry as a leading cyclic corrosion test and, in addition to General Motors, is utilized by many defense contractors.


Assured Testing Services has multiple cyclic corrosion chambers capable of running GMW 14872 with the largest possessing internal dimensions of 7' x 4'. All Assured cyclic corrosion chambers are PLC controlled which yields automated, consistent results with the fastest possible turnaround times.


The Assured cyclic chambers are in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year servicing customer testing requirements. Contact our Sales or Technical Service departments to discuss the requirements of your current or upcoming testing project. Our engineers will be pleased to provide you with a quotation to help best complete your protocol. 

SAE J2334 Small Chambers

Assured Testing Services has multiple chambers, both large and small, available for

GMW 14872 cyclic exposure testing.


All Assured cyclic chambers are PLC controlled, allowing 24/7 automated exposure and providing uniform, repeatable results each test cycle. 

SAE J2334 Large Cyclic Chambers
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