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Hydrogen Embrittlement Testing

Assured Testing Services has the capability to perform ASTM F519 hydrogen embrittlement testing using 1a.1 notched test bars. We also have the ability to fabricate hydrogen embrittlement load frames.


This test is typically performed on plated test bars to determine the propensity of a particular plating/post plate embrittlement bake relief to induce and/or relieve hydrogen embrittlement.


Assured Testing Services can also perform ASTM F519, Annex 5, which introduces exposure to cleaning chemicals into the testing conditions. The laboratory has also performed ASTM F519 testing on fully submerged 1.a1 bars while under the tensile load. 

1.a1 bars are available for sale directly from the laboratory and can be sent directly to the site of the plating process prior to return to the laboratory for evaluation. 

If you need to perform embrittlement testing in house, Assured Testing Services can build embrittlement presses to meet your needs.

Hydrogen Embrittlement Press
Notched Test Bars
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