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MIL-A-8625F Testing

What is MIL-A-8625F

This specification describes electrolytically applied anodic coatings (anodizing) on aluminum.   These coating processes are divided into six Types, generally depending on whether they are composed of chromic or sulfuric acid.  These are further subdivided into Class 1 (non-dyed) and Class 2 (dyed), per below:


To assure process control and maintain approval to MIL-A-8625F, processors must submit samples for testing monthly, according to Table II:

MIL-A-8625F Table II.JPG

You can download MIL-A-8625F from the link below:


You can also read more about MIL-A-8625F from the link below:

MIL-A-8625F History

Assured Testing Services has multiple chambers, both large and small, available for exposure testing.

All Assured cyclic chambers are PLC controlled, allowing 24/7 automated exposure and providing uniform, repeatable results each test cycle. 

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