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Assured Testing Services is capable of many accelerated weathering xenon tests such as ASTM G155.  ASTM G155 has many possible combinations of irradiance, temperature, condensation, and duration.

It can be used to test such diverse products as paint, plastic, and fabric.  We can help you choose a cycle that best suits your product.

ASTM G155 simulates real-world conditions of sunlight exposure, heat, and moisture, and can compare how well paints, plastic, or fabrics can withstand these conditions.

However, there is not a truly reliable direct correlation between exposure time and actual field conditions.  Thus, the best value lies in comparative testing.

After exposure to ASTM G155, Assured Testing can analyze samples for gloss change (ASTM D523) and/or color change (ASTM D2244).

Assured Testing Services xenon chambers have most standard cycles programmed into them to minimize chances of operator error.

You can download the latest ASTM G155 specification from the link listed below:

ASTM G155 Specification Download


Assured Testing Services has multiple chambers available for UV exposure and Xenon testing to ensure quick turnaround.

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