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SAE J2527

Assured Testing Services is capable of many accelerated weathering Xenon Arc tests such as SAE J2527. SAE J2527 is a typical test that is run on automotive specimens.

What can I test for SAE J2527?

Assured Testing xenon chambers are capable of testing panels or parts. We have tested multiple different items for the SAE J2527 xenon test.  Some items include cut wheel sections, lug nuts, “dog bones”, and also decals.

This test includes different conditions that your vehicle will see in real-world environment. These conditions include heat, sunlight, and moisture.

While the test specimen is in exposure it is recommended to seal any cut edges with a high temp wax. This will help prevent any staining that may occur from testing per SAE J2527.

What is the test cycle for SAE J2527?

The test cycle for SAE J2527 consists of different test steps that include: Dark Time, Spray (Front and Back) and different light cycles for different times.

The exposure time in SAE J2527 is measured in KJ (kilojules) the total radiant exposure for SAE J2527 is equal to: kJ•m-2•nm-1 or kJ•m-2 and the wavelength ranged used.

Assured Testing’s Xenon Chambers have SAE J2527 pre-programmed in them to take user error out of the equation. 

Once the test is completed they are normally combined with color loss per ASTM D2244 and gloss per ASTM D523

You can download the latest SAE J2527 specification from SAE website shown below:

SAE J2527 Download


Assured Testing Services has multiple chambers available for UV exposure and Xenon testing to ensure quick turnaround.

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