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ASTM D1735 Humidity Exposure

ASTM D1735 is a standard that tests for the water resistance of coatings using water fog. ASTM D1735 is a fogging exposure that does not include salt like ASTM B117. The chamber is normally maintained at 38C (100F). At the conclusion of testing, you typically evaluate for any color change, blisters, and loss of adhesion.

While the samples are exposed in ASTM D1735 they should be supported or suspended at 15 degrees from vertical. Also, they should be orientated so the specimens do no drip on each other. 


Assured Testing Services operates multiple chambers that run ASTM D1735 to ensure quick turn around and availability. 


You can download the latest ASTM D1735 standard from the ASTM website listed below:


ASTM D1735 Standard


ASTM D1735 Humidity Testing

Assured Testing Services maintains multiple cabinets for humidity testing, providing accommodations for various sizes of samples.


Parts are typically placed into exposure within 48 hours and test reports are usually generated within 24 hours of completion of the test.

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