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Ford CETP: 00.00-L-467 Cyclic Corrosion

Assured Testing Services is capable of performing cyclic corrosion test Ford CETP 00.00-L-467, as outlined on its ISO 17025 Scope.


This unique cyclic exposure test is comprised of alternating cycles of electrolyte (salt) exposure, a drying phase, and a humidity exposure phase.


Assured Testing Services has several cyclic corrosion chambers capable of running Ford L-467, the largest of which with interior dimensions of 7' x 4'. 

How is Ford L-467 Testing Different?

This test specification requires an oscillating spray bar to  uniformly administer the electrolyte solution during that portion of the cycle. The laboratory maintains several of such oscillating spray bar cyclic chambers to accommodate customer samples.

Ford-L467- Testing Chamber

Assured Testing Services has multiple chambers, both large and small, available for

Ford CETP L-467 cyclic exposure testing.


All Assured cyclic chambers are PLC controlled, allowing 24/7 automated exposure and providing uniform, repeatable results each test cycle. 

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