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GMW 17026 Corrosive Mud Spray Testing

Assured Testing Services is capable of performing testing in accordance with GMW 17026, a testing protocol designed to simulate a vehicle underbody mud spray. 

The GMW 17026 testing standard differs from conventional salt fog tests, such as ASTM B117, because it applies a heated, pressurized spray with mud in prescribed intervals (versus constant fog). GMW 17026 does, however, possess similar qualities to GMW 14872 by requiring mass loss coupons to assess corrosion targets over time. 

Assured has multiple chambers to accommodate the GMW 17026 standard, permitting samples of various shapes and sizes to be exposed to the stream of fireclay mud, salt, and water at an elevated temperature. 

GMW 17026 Chamber

Assured Testing Services has multiple chambers, both large and small, available for

GMW 17026 cyclic exposure testing.


All Assured cyclic chambers are PLC controlled, allowing 24/7 automated exposure and providing uniform, repeatable results each test cycle. 

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