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Assured Testing Services serves the agricultural industry sector with corrosion testing specifically designed to simulate the environment of an agricultural production setting. Fertilizers, insecticides, and other chemically enhanced agricultural products contain higher levels of ammonia, nitrogen, and other elements which create unique corrosion challenges. The laboratory's testing capabilities can help to evaluate paints and coatings to be used specifically in this sector for viability and longevity in agricultural production conditions.

The most commonly administered agricultural testing specifications include:

  • John Deere
    JDM F14
    JDM F23
    JDM F17
    JDQ 13
    JDQ 159
    JDQ 163

  • Case New Holland
    CNH MAT0310
    CNH MTM0106
    CNH 87552402

  • Komatsu 57.801

  • Navistar
    CEMS G20
    CEMS GT-7H
    MPAPS G9009
    MPAPS G-21

  • AGCO

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