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Kesternich (SO2) Exposure

Kesternich testing simulates acid rain or industrial chemical exposure  to evaluate the relative corrosion resistance of the coating, substrate, or part itself.  Parts or panels are placed inside a specially designed chamber and are exposed to SO2  and humidity before being evaluated for resistance to corrosion.  The following standards are typical for Kesternich exposure:

  • ASTM G87 Standard Practice for Conducting Moist SO2 Tests

  • DIN 50018 Sulfur Dioxide Corrosion

  • ISO 3231 Resistance to Humid Atmospheres Containing SO2

  • ISO 6988 Kesternich Testing

  • ASTM G85 Annex 4 Salt Spray/SO2 Exposure

  • Various “mixed gas” exposures

Kesternich Chamber

Assured Testing Services has multiple chambers available for Kesternich testing

to ensure quick turnaround.

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