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Thickness Measurement

Assured Testing Services employs several non-destructive and destructive methods to perform thickness measurement on coatings or platings.

Non-destructive methods such as ASTM B499 magnetic induction (non-magnetic coating over a magnetic substrate) and ASTM B568 X-Ray spectrometry (metallic platings) are used to determine thickness.


Destructive testing such as ASTM B487, microscopical examination of a cross section, is also used. See our metallurgical testing page for more information on this methodology.


The selection of the most applicable method depends mainly on the coating/plating thickness and composition of the substrate and coating. 


Applicable adhesion testing standards include:

  • ASTM B244 

  • ASTM B487

  • ASTM B499

  • ASTM B568

  • ASTM D7091

  • Honda HES D6501 Section 3.2.2

  • ISO 2064 ISO 3497MIL-DTL-53072D Section

  • PACCAR CMT0033 Section 9.2

XRay Coating Thickness

Assured Testing Services maintains several unique forms of equipment to accommodate a wide variety of thickness measurement techniques.


Contact the laboratory for more information or to determine the proper protocol for your samples. 

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